His birthday is coming up. I love him, but he’s impossible to buy for. Everything he wants, he’s already got or he buys for himself.

This is the dilemma many of us find ourselves in. Whether this man is our husband, our brother, our father or father-in-law, or simply a dear friend, one trait he doesn’t have is being easy to buy for. The secret of finding the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy-for man is to discover luxuries that he doesn’t have the time or energy to investigate for himself, then surprise him with what he never knew he was missing. A men’s hooded robe can be just that present, and also be your saving grace – for this year, at least!

A bathrobe is one of those things that he needs, but never thinks to buy for himself. In this article we’ll explore the different styles of men’s hooded robes, types of fabric, ideas for what to pair with his new robe (not just pajamas!), and how to choose just the right size for him.

Fitting the Bathrobe to the Man: Men’s Hooded Robe Styles

The perfect robe for one man may not be ideal for another. Fortunately, you’re not limited to one style of men’s bathrobe. There are a variety of materials (would he prefer fleece, silk, or cotton?), sizes and weights (is it a warm or cold climate where he lives?) and, of course, his distinct personality (is he reading the business journal or checking the scores on last night’s NBA game?). Let’s take a look at our men’s luxury robe options.

Turkish textiles have a long history of both luxury quality and visual aesthetics. That’s why the shop at Chambre D’Amis focuses quite a bit on robes, towels, and other textiles made in Turkey. Just right for both men and women, Turkish robes are 100% cotton, or if they are a blend, are primarily made from cotton. This makes them soft and comfortable, a good choice for men who want to unwind after a long day of work – or who would like to relax with some coffee in the morning before heading into another busy day.

A Turkish bathrobe pairs easily with pajamas regardless of whether they include pants or shorts, and they are lightweight so he won’t get too hot. You can find both hooded options and those without hoods. Like regular cotton pajamas, these men’s robes are easy to care for and are a simple way to invite a little luxury into a man’s life.

For a man who deserves a day at the spa, a waffle robe is a comfortable and sophisticated addition to his wardrobe. Waffle robes are a time-honored standard in luxury textiles. Their classic crisscross pattern and soft touch have made them a staple of high-end hotels and spas around the world. However, they may or may not include hoods, so you’ll want to be certain to double check for a hood if that’s a requirement for you.

Luxury hotel quality waffle robes like those offered by Chambre D’Amis are comfortable, warm, and tend to require very little in the way of specialty care. (He might be high maintenance, but his robe doesn’t have to be!) They also pair well with any style of pajamas.

Men who love casual Fridays will appreciate the simple yet sophisticated hooded fleece sweatshirt robe. A sweatshirt robe allows him to be comfortable, stylish, and true to himself. If he’s not a silk kimono robe or a spa kind of guy, a sweatshirt robe may be absolutely perfect. With its warm hood and tapered sleeves, this style of robe fits perfectly with a man who just wants to chill without having to change how he does things just because he’s wearing his bathrobe.

A men’s sweatshirt robe – women’s, too – from Chambre D’Amis is a plush blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester so he can be supremely comfortable and have a robe that’s easy to care for. If he likes high maintenance, a silk robe may be in order. If not, choose some quiet luxury with a fleece sweatshirt robe.

If he has an eye and appreciation for the unique, a kimono robe may be the perfect choice for him. Kimono robe is no longer a term used exclusively for apparel of Japanese origin. Instead, these robes borrow certain elements from traditional Japanese garments. Namely, you’ll find wide sleeves, straight seams, and a clearly defined collar.

Unfortunately, most men’s kimono robes don’t include a hood. So if you’re looking for the relaxed yet chic look that comes with a hooded robe, the kimono robe may not be the best bet. If he appreciates refinement, consider a Turkish bathrobe instead. If he’s more casual, a sweatshirt robe with a hood will be an instant hit.

If he’s all about functionality, a terry cloth robe may fit his sense of sensibility to a tee. Terry cloth is traditionally made from cotton but can also come in a variety of synthetic fibers as well. The one thing all terry cloth has in common is absorbency. Its looped pile construction makes it a thirsty fabric, perfect for the man who demands practicality from his wardrobe.

Men’s terry cloth robes offer a simple way for him to be comfortable and pragmatic and still be effortlessly leveled up. They are an extremely classic style of robe, so he won’t have to worry about being on or off-trend (if he even bothers with that at all). A down-to-earth guy will love the efficiency and functional nature of a men’s terry cloth robe.

Flannel robes are the quintessential accessory for the cooler months of the year. Soft, warm, and the epitome of snuggle-worthy relaxation, flannel is how even the burliest of men give themselves permission to unwind. With classic plaid prints to his favorite NBA team logos, flannel pajamas, pants, shorts, and of course a bathrobe, can easily fit into any man’s wardrobe.

While hooded flannel robes are definitely out there, they may be a little too warm for men who already tend to run warm, especially if they are wearing pajamas with pants underneath. If he’s always turning down the thermostat, that’s a good sign you should consider a Turkish or waffle robe instead of flannel, or choose one that skips the hood if it’s not essential. Cotton-based flannel may also be inclined to shrink, so consider a cotton/poly blend or order a size up.

Some men have a sense of refinement that simply requires a high-end fabric like silk. While it may require a little extra effort to care for, he knows its value and believes in its worth. A man who is used to caring for fine garments will appreciate a silk robe. If he knows the difference between silk and satin (silk is a material and satin is a type of weave), you’ve got a man of knowledgeable and discriminating taste.

Men’s silk and satin robes may or may not be hooded, so be sure to double check if that’s an important factor in your decision. Be careful of the overall design, as some may give off vibes of heading into the boxing ring vs. reading the morning paper in the garden. Of course, depending on the man, he might be down with the boxing ring, too! Pair this bathrobe with silk or satin pajamas with either pants or shorts and he’ll be relaxing in true refinement.

Does he have very specific comfort requirements? Velour robes have that something extra that may be just right for him! Velour is a plush fabric that simply calls for relaxation, and maybe even taking the day off! Constructed from cotton, synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, or rayon, or a blend of natural and synthetic materials, velour will never fail to be soft and welcoming against his skin.

While a velour bathrobe is exquisite in its design and cozy appeal, especially when curated by Chambre D’Amis, it may not always come with a hood. If that’s important to him, keep that in mind before hitting add to cart. Either way, a velour men’s bathrobe can be a versatile addition, pairing with any kind of pajamas he prefers. Pants, shorts, or even just boxers? No one will judge him on his choice!

What Size Robe? How to Size Men’s Robes Right the First Time

When it comes to clothes, whether that’s pants, shorts, pajamas, shirts, or robes, we all want to get the perfect size for our gift recipient. One of the best things about gifting robes is that sizing can be quite forgiving. Unlike pants or shorts, which can be nearly impossible to guess the proper size and desired fit, a bathrobe has a much wider range of comfort and doesn’t have to be quite so precise. Even so, we don’t want to miss the mark too much or he might wonder if we even know him at all!

What is a Large?

Women understand more than anyone else that a 10 in one brand might be the same as an 8 or a 12 in other brands. The lack of sizing consistency is no small frustration to a customer shopping for themselves, and even more so when we’re trying to add items to our cart for someone else. While significant sizing discrepancies are less of an issue when it comes to men’s clothing, including robes and pajamas, we should still keep this in mind. It’s important to look deeper than “Large” when it comes to size requirements, even with the more forgiving clothes items like robes.

When shopping in person, we all hold up an item, whether that’s pants, shorts, or a robe, and imagine that clothing wrapping around the person we’re trying to buy for. As we’ve all probably learned, this imprecise method only works some of the time. The success rate goes down even more when playing guessing games while shopping online. A much better way is to have an actual measurement. But short of spoiling the surprise by asking him to stand still while you pull out the tape measure, how do you get a reliable measurement?

How to Size Estimate Correctly

If you’re buying for your husband, you’ve probably already got the right idea for his proper size. But when it comes to your boss, your nephew, your father-in-law, or anyone else that you don’t live with, you’ll have to make an estimate. Here are a few ways to help ensure that you order the right size the first time.

If you’re going to be around the man you’re shopping for, you’ll have an opportunity to quietly check his size. Offer to hang up his coat and just happen to catch a glimpse of the S, M, L or XL on the tag. This can be a useful guide when shopping for items that tend to fit looser like coats, or of course, robes. This is the time to be smooth and subtle so it doesn’t look awkward, or you end up spoiling the surprise by having to explain your sudden interest in the collar of his coat!
Do you know a man who is about the same size as the man you’re trying to buy for? Tactfully and thoughtfully ask him what size he wears. Be sure he understands you’re looking to give a gift and simply want to do a good job choosing the right fit. Also ensure to ask at an appropriate time and place to get the best chance of a positive reception. No one wants to be interrupted to answer a question as personal as this, and they may not want to answer in front of other people. Use your good judgment!
When you’re shopping undercover, it’s always helpful to have an accomplice. Ask his wife, girlfriend, roommate, or other close friend if they can provide his preferred size. Keep in mind that while he probably prefers his pants to be a precise fit, he may prefer a size up when it comes to his bathrobe. See what helpful information you can glean from those closer to your target!
Thanks to customer reviews, you can also get first-hand sizing information from those who have gone before you. Check their comments to see if the pajamas and robes you’re investigating run large, run small, or are “true to size.” Once you’ve had your own experience, leave your own customer review to help others!
You’ll find “one size fits most” at Chambre D’Amis, with our XL size accommodating most of the men on your shopping list. The XL is 53 inches from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom hem and 60 inches around the chest. The sleeve is 34 inches long.
Unlike women, men are less likely to take offense if you present them with a robe that’s larger than their usual size. Especially when it comes to a bathrobe, a larger size is often preferred and maybe even expected. So don’t be shy about ordering a large or extra large size. They’ll understand that a luxury bathrobe is designed to be roomy, or they’ll just assume that you noticed the extra time he’s been spending at the gym!

When is the Right Time to Give a Bathrobe?

A robe is a versatile gift that pairs well not just with a wide variety of men but also for all different types of occasions. Here’s an overview of some different times that you may find just right for gifting a bathrobe – or, hint, hint…adding to your wish list for everyone else to see. With easy shipping from Chambre D’Amis, you can have the new robe sent to you or choose shipping directly to him for his special occasion.


Birthdays come around every year, and with each year he grows in wisdom and refinement. Help him relax in luxury with a hooded bathrobe, whether that’s a sweatshirt robe for a more casual vibe or a Turkish bathrobe for a slightly more elevated feed. Either way, he’ll be grateful for your contribution to his much-appreciated downtime on his special day.


Christmas, Hanukkah, and Father’s Day are ideal times to honor the influential and special men in your life, especially by thoughtfully gifting fleece during the winter months. The choice of a bathrobe for a gift shows that you acknowledge his need for relaxation as well as his excellent taste. Oh, and don’t forget Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart! A new robe is the ideal attire for a champagne toast at home.

Weddings & Anniversaries

From your spouse to your extended family, healthy unions are essential. Whether he’s embarking on his honeymoon or celebrating decades of love, a hooded robe as women’s and men’s gifts alike are a simple yet sophisticated way to say congratulations. Unwinding together at the end of a day is also a key part of strengthening the bonds of marriage, so help him do it in style with a hooded bathrobe.


Graduations, promotions, housewarming celebrations, and other milestone events call for honoring him with a special gift. Why not reward all his hard work with something to help him relax? Whether it’s pajamas with pants or shorts, don’t forget to add a touch of sophistication with a men’s hooded robe. It’s just what he needs to bask in the glory of his accomplishments!

Pairing Pajamas with Men’s Robes

Men’s robes tend to stand on their own well as a gift, but if you want to give a little bit more than just a robe, we understand! Pajamas are the obvious and classic choice to pair with a robe. But just like men’s robes, men’s pajamas come in a wide variety of styles and fabric options, as well as the big decision between pants and shorts.

Shirt Style

Before we get to pants, let’s first focus on shirt style. While all pajamas feature a shirt, think about whether he’d prefer a button-down style or a t-shirt style. If he’s more formal, a classic button down will suit him well. For the casual guy, opt for the t-shirt, maybe even featuring his favorite NBA or NFL team.

Fabric Options

Keep the fabric in mind as well when gifting new pajamas. If you’re giving him a fleece robe, fleece pajamas may be too much. Perhaps stick to cotton or a synthetic fabric for the pajamas no matter what the robe’s fabric is to avoid the discomfort of overheating.

Pants or Shorts?

The other consideration when it comes to pajamas is the choice between pants or shorts. While both are comfortable, it often comes down to climate instead of personality. For cooler climates or if he doesn’t run as hot as some men, pants are just right. If he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t even own a coat, pajamas with shorts instead of pants are a much safer bet.

A Hooded Bathrobe Makes Men’s Gift Giving Simple

You know him best, so whether the Turkish bathrobe fits his personality or the hooded fleece robe is more his speed, you simply can’t go wrong with a universally appreciated gift like this. So take your time and choose carefully, considering his personality, sizing preferences, and lifestyle. When he slides his new robe over his pajamas for the first time, he’ll feel first-hand how thoughtful you really are.

Feel free to browse our selection here at Chambre D’Amis, a name synonymous with luxury and quality. Even if he lives far away, our shipping and flat rate shipping policy make it easy and affordable to surprise him on that special day. You can also sign up for our email list to be notified of new arrivals. We’d love to have you as part of the Chambre D’Amis family!