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une chambre d’amis(n.) guestroom / a room for friends

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Zurich, Switzerland

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Hand Made Fabric

Madrid, Spain

Chambre d’Amis is French for guest room, a term often used in the hospitality industry. In English, it translates more literally to “room for friends.”

Many of our items are from Europe or have a European influence, and they aren’t available anywhere else. Meaning your home will truly be unique.


Silk Drapes

Tuscany, Italy

We exist to bring the luxury feel of a hotel to your home.

Brenda Locke

Our Travels


Artistic Accents

Streets of Tuscany, Italy


Architectural Inspiration

Cambridge, England

“Produits de luxe”

We’ve spent the last 30 years traveling the world curating the best of the best to bring you a truly unique collection of luxury products.


Earthy Tones

Beaches of Ireland

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