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Mascioni Collection

“Tradition et famille”

Tradition. Family. That’s the Mascioni story. It’s one of unrelenting passion for excellence and innovation. The Mascioni company is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers and was created to satisfy the needs of cosmopolitan hospitality clientele. Now you can bring that quality to your home with luxury towels and robes.

Rose et Marius Collection

“Parfums doux”

This collection is Provence’s first luxury fragrance brand. The exceptional fragrances were hand-made in France by the most skilled craftsman, using only precious or natural materials.

All fragrances are created exclusively by their perfume master in Grasse and available as a candle boxed set in your choice of a Rose et Marius distinctive pattern.

Select a pattern below, then choose from six different fragrances.

Turkish Towel Company

"Léger et luxueux"

This Peshtemal collection features towels and robes in the style of the legendary hammam bath towels of Turkey. Flat-woven, these Peshtemals are perfect for home and beach and ideal for traveling as they take up less room!

Hedgehouse Collection

“Linge élégant”

Head to the beach in style with our linen beach towels and matching totes. They are 100% linen and perfect for absorbing water after a day in the sun and sand. A great addition to any beach house guest room.

Cashmere Throw

“Fait main”

As soft as they are beautiful, these cashmere throws are perfect for any room in your home. Each pattern is available in multiple colors and there’s sure to be something that matches your style and decor.

Serving Luxury

"Servir le Luxe"

Serve your guests with luxury at its finest. While this high-quality serving tray is perfect for setting out a bottle of your favorite champagne or freshly-made hors-d'oeuvres at your next dinner party, it's also a memorable and elegant decor piece.

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