Sensible or Starlet? Find Your Hooded Robe Personality

Even when you’re relaxing at home, out of the public eye and getting some much-needed rest and relaxation, your personality is shining through in your choice of loungewear. If you’re planning to add a hooded robe to your at-home spa routine or simply want to make checking your email in the early morning more comfortable, you’re making a wise choice. Hooded robes make any activity a little more luxurious. And with all the options available, you can enjoy the quiet moments and still reflect your personal style and taste for quality. Here are some common style personality categories and suggestions for which types of robes fit them best. Find yours below and add your hooded robe to your collection with refined confidence.

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The Top 5 Hooded Robe Personality Categories 

While personalities may cover a nearly unlimited number of categories, here are five choices that quality-minded individuals tend to gravitate toward. Which set of qualities do you identify with the most? Are you ready to embrace the hooded robes that best fit your luxury preferences? Let’s indulge ourselves for a moment and explore the world of spa-at-home style and accessories: Casual Luxury, European Chic, Spa Professional, Sensible Practicality, and Pampered Starlet.

Casual luxury is all the rage right now, and why not? Its “level-up with comfort” attitude speaks to our innate desire to feel relaxed but also pay attention to the quality of the finer details. If you prefer understated elegance rather than overt opulence, are brand name aware but not brand name obsessed, and prefer a polished but relaxed appearance, Casual Luxury may be your best fit.

The Casual Luxury hooded robe exudes comfort and versatility. Relaxed and polished, your signature style is filled with quality, but is not overly formal. Natural fibers like cotton or cotton and polyester blends will give you that oh-so-cozy feeling without the discomfort that can sometimes accompany more flashy styles. Casual luxury is about comfort, but also about personality. Sweatshirt style bathrobes offer both a chill vibe and comfortable features including hoods, tapered arms, and neutral colors. Consider adding a towel set to your new bath ensemble and include accessories that reflect your commitment to refinement, such as lavender sprays and fuzzy throws.


Effortless yet fashion-forward, quality over quantity, and minimalism with sophistication. If this set of values describes your overall vibe, European Chic may be the best fit for you out of all of these categories. From bedding to towel and bath accessories, you’ve got everything in its place for a clean, crisp, overall feeling of luxurious simplicity.

European Chic robes honor the minimalist signature vibe with neutral colors and cultural influences. Gray is a prominent color, especially for small details and embellishments. Cotton and linen robes are featured heavily in the European style, offering functional but stylish options. These natural fibers are essential not just for bath robes but other at-home spa necessities including towel set choices, a cozy set of slippers, and luxury bedding. Name brands are not so important to the European Chic personality; the focus is more on the value the item will add to your life. With a minimalist robe focused on quality, you’ll enjoy confidence and poise whether you’re enjoying some aromatherapy or catching up on your email.


You’ve got work to do, but self-care is always on your to-do list. You don’t need any clothing-related distractions, nor do you want to be caught looking frumpy. That’s why your style is focused on balancing comfort and aesthetics; polished and practical is the name of your game. If you feel the most confident when your style is kept simple yet smart, the Spa Professional is just your size.

Just because you’re reading your email in your bath robe doesn’t mean you’re not paying attention to your professional appearance. You can remain approachable yet put together, even if you’re working late into the night or in the early hours of the morning. Search for a lighter weight hooded robe that lends itself to layering without being excessive in size. Your color palette should be subtle, with white, grey, and beige as your featured hues. As you shop, keep in mind that you may want to add coordinated understated accessories, such as a matching towel set, slippers, throws, or other bath items in a similar color scheme. Keep your comfort in mind, and shop for materials that lend themselves to a soft feel against your skin. Set yourself up for success with the right hooded robe.

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On the heels of Spa Professional comes number four on our list, Sensible Practicality. If you’re more focused on creating the best deal versus closing the deal, between the two categories you’re probably Sensible Practicality. Do you agree that comfort is king, functionality comes first, and low maintenance means high value? Does name brand not impress you, but quality does? Then this style is definitely you.

The perfect bath robe for the Sensible Practicality personality is one with functional utility. As you shop, ensure that useful accessories like pockets and an easy-to-tie belt are featured, and aim for subdued colors that aren’t subject to fading. Think grey, off-white, or beige. Like the Spa Professional, Sensible Practicality lends itself to layering, so be aware of what you’ll be wearing beneath your robe and choose your size accordingly. One of the most important features you’ll be looking for is a bathrobe with durability and ease of care. You’re not the Pampered Starlet; your robe needs to be in and out of the wash without muss or fuss. Worried about wrinkling or shrinking with cotton? Polyester or polyester and cotton blends will be much simpler to take care of compared to 100% cotton, as well as longer-lasting.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of categories from Sensible Practicality we find the Pampered Starlet. While your personal comfort is definitely important, your flair for the luxuriously sensational overwhelms everything else. From accessories to hairstyles to towel and bedding choices, the Pampered Starlet is bold, fashion-forward, and glamorous.

When the Pampered Starlet begins to shop for a hooded robe, the world must come to a stop. This is your precious time of repose, and it must be treated with reverence…and a flair for the dramatic. Luxury, glamour, and statement accessories are your signature values. But as the Pampered Starlet, you’re also keen on quality, comfort, and meticulous grooming. You’ll want to search for bold colors: think royal blue, candy apple red, and eye-catching patterns. Ensure that your robe has detailed stitching and other indicators of quality featured, as you’ll want no one to see a thread out of place. Name brand is great, but just looking name brand may suffice. The accessories are just as important as the robe, so be sure to add a matching towel set, maybe some fluffy throws, and of course, oversized sunglasses for your time by the pool. Speaking of size, the Pampered Starlet will certainly be layering as well, so feel free to go up a size, especially if you want to feel like your opulent new robe could double as bedding!


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